The Kennel Club of Buffalo, Inc. is comprised of over seventy hardworking individuals, who each bring their own expertise to the organization. Among us are those whose families have a long association with the sport of purebred dogs, members newer to the fancy, and everyone in between. Included in our membership are judges, breeders and handlers, as well as those active in business, education, science and the arts.

The Kennel Club of Buffalo, Inc. serves several functions aside from the Nickel City Cluster dog show. Our club educates the public about activities and sports that involve dogs and their owners, promotes responsible dog ownership, and assists people in finding responsible sources for purebred dogs for their family pets. We also provide conformation clinics, puppy matches and many other dog related events.

Membership in the club is not exclusive. We welcome people with a positive interest in dogs, and demonstrate their willingness to be active in the club and to support its activities.

Requirements for membership include:

Attend a business meeting.

Work an event.

Have two members as sponsors

After the above has been completed, the application accompanied by dues and initiation fee are to be turned in to the membership chair. Applicants will have two readings at consecutive club meetings, and their membership will be voted on at the next meeting in which they are in attendance. Membership applications may be obtained by attending a meeting, or through the link below.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, except July and August.

The public is invited to attend meetings, however be forewarned, that the love for dogs and the sport of dogs is highly contagious!

Download Application Here